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Creepy as heck, but pretty good. The models are cheap, but as you said, it works to the benefit of the short. It feels like it barely has anything to do with Sonic, but I think it's worth a watch just to see the awkward Sonic model move and just stare at things. I hope Sega sees this and ends up using your design for the movie before it releases.

I could not see any of what was going to happen coming. Awesome stuff.

Funny cartoon, but Tetris 99 will outlast Apex.

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Slow and moody. Never thought my theme would be quite like that, but I suppose it fits my current lifestyle. What about my profile convinced you to make the composition the way it is? It's interesting.

Belthagor responds:

Welp, first I randomly played keys on my midi keyboard that sound good, with keyzone classic vst selected, then I picked a sax vst and overlapped the first layer. And then I posted "Who wants a theme song" thread, and then you posted first, and I named it your theme, and then I dunno what happened.

I am absolutely no music expert, but I feel your piece was building up to something and it didn't get there. You got a rhythm going, which is good, but I feel like it should've built into some sort of melody. I'm not a really a musical guy, so you can disregard my thoughts I guess.

Beautiful. I'd like to hear a JRPG or film with this music in it. I can imagine snowflakes slowly drifting downward to this music.

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Jeff has the most beautiful blue eyes.

Very cute and funny comic with endearing character designs. Only thing I would say to improve it is to add another background to another one of the panels.

Overall, pretty good and I would like to see more in the future.

veronicaandjelly responds:

ahh you're totally right, i need to get better at drawing backgrounds haha, i'm always so lazy or think too big for the "scene" i give up haha

Near perfect drawing, but improve your shading and line work.

Very interesting. It does feel like it radiates some sort of energy whenever I look at it.

I think it would be more interesting to look if it were more 'asymmetrical'. It's looks nice the way it's centered, but I think to truly make it feel like nature, it can't be too balanced. Not a must, but I think it'd look cooler (or hotter?) if it more fiery looking to really emphasize how hot and explosive it is.

It's an overall very pretty work. The colors and effects look nice. The way the energy emanates from the center like that feels like something alive is bursting out of there. So it does feel like some sort of celestial birth.

IoTheEternal responds:

if you zoom in you'll find the central "core" is slightly off center. It bothers me to no end, so you have your wish lol.

And I generally don't do assymetrical - I am a libra hehe - we are literally the personaification of balance :P

And yeah that is what I was going for - an intense cosmic energy radiating from a central core - so I am quite happy the way it turned out :P

Don't expect to see much asymmetry from me - cosmic solar fern flare is probably the only truly asymmetrical piece I ever did hehe :P

thanks for the review!

-shawn (Chronamut)-

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