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I sense some sort of urgency when the track starts. The strings that back the track certainly do have a light feeling accompanying that, so I can see how flying inspired that. It seems somewhat conflicted, but I understand that is what you are going for. I can picture this playing during some sort of montage where we see a character growing and overcoming a fear or a climactic moment. It is a composition that builds up just fine.

Despite that slight bit of drama in there, it does sound chill. Not a bad track to study to or put in the background while you are doing something.

Good track. I wouldn’t mind hearing what else you have cooking up.

I notice the music starts out with sad sort of sound. (Obviously, right?) Those secondary piano notes are more spaced out, so it does start off with a feeling of distance. Steady tempo, the notes begin to get a bit more dramatic as it goes which is interesting. Then there’s slight burst with strong backing melody. Maybe that represents some sort of hope? It begins to quiet again, but there is a tenderness to that segment, and it sounds nice. It returns to something more like what we had initially, but with this more “echo” effect to it. It seamlessly segues into the actual beginning which I think is an appealing effect.

From what I can tell, you’re quite the fan of Yoko Shimomura’s work. It shows throughout this piece and I think you did quite a good job emulating her work while still putting a slight twist into your own composition.

Got to admit that I am not a musician at all, but I think what you’ve done sounds fairly pleasant despite the bittersweet tone you’ve gone for. I suppose I should study sound mixing and music theory to give you a better critique next time.

Overall, a nice sounding composition. Keep up the good work.

Troisnyx responds:

Thank you for the thought you put into this review! ^_^

I don't know if I'd necessarily say I'm enamoured by Shimomura's work, but hearing her work (among others) was certainly formative to me as a teenager writing loops of my own.

The common thread that runs through a lot of my work is the interlacing of sadness with hope. Even in things that depict bleak subjects, there's still that undercurrent of hope that many listeners pick up on, and I'm grateful that you picked up on that. ^_^

The music sounds really good. I would say to shorten that opening part of the song by a couple of seconds. Besides that, the lyrics are a bit quiet and get lost compared to the instruments, but I'm sure that will be fixed by the time the final version releases.

You guys have a good base here and I would like to listen to the released version when that comes around.

Seth responds:

Thank you so much!

The day one kind of sounds like something out of Dragon Quest in the beginning and the instruments to the last one bring Earthbound to mind. These are all kind of relaxing, but I feel like we're getting plenty of buildup for no pay off since these are all fairly short. I do understand this is you trying to mess around and have fun, so it's no biggie.

Keep up the good work, these melodies almost sound like something that would belong in a JRPG.

aakase responds:

Thanks for the review!

Sounds decent, but I feel like you should tweak the bass. It sounds like it doesn't blend in quite right, but it doesn't sound bad. It just competes a bit with the main melody.

Not a must, but adding PSG would help it a little. I understand you're avoiding it to give it a more authentic Sonic 3 sound, but adding PSG as a backing would enrich it and tie to the original version of the music more.

Sorry if I sound too critical, I just know you have the ability to make this even better.

Seth responds:

Thank you for the advice, but I did use 2 PSG channels; they carry the melody. I used attack and decay envelopes and modulation to make them sound flutey rather than just straight square waves.

Pretty good episode, guys. I think roughly 30 minutes max is the best length for these podcasts. 50ish or so is a bit much to me.

Compliments to Dom for mentioning fairy types because that indicates he played Pokemon at least up to gen 6 which means he's probably not a genwunner.

DomAndFroShow responds:

You're right about the length of the episode. We do have pretty specific plans for a few upcoming episodes that will probably be well over that time, but after that we are going to try and cut back on their length. It'll most likely be regular episodes 30-40 minutes and interviews going between 1-2 hours just because of their content.

Slow and moody. Never thought my theme would be quite like that, but I suppose it fits my current lifestyle. What about my profile convinced you to make the composition the way it is? It's interesting.

Belthagor responds:

Welp, first I randomly played keys on my midi keyboard that sound good, with keyzone classic vst selected, then I picked a sax vst and overlapped the first layer. And then I posted "Who wants a theme song" thread, and then you posted first, and I named it your theme, and then I dunno what happened.

I am absolutely no music expert, but I feel your piece was building up to something and it didn't get there. You got a rhythm going, which is good, but I feel like it should've built into some sort of melody. I'm not a really a musical guy, so you can disregard my thoughts I guess.

Beautiful. I'd like to hear a JRPG or film with this music in it. I can imagine snowflakes slowly drifting downward to this music.

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