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Merry 2020

Posted by ZetoSoul - January 7th, 2020

2019 was a pretty busy year for me personally, so while I did put some things out, I regretfully didn't do as much as I had hoped. Life happens and being alive can be work and monotony sometimes.

To get to the gist of it, I'm doing more things this year, but I can't promise what and when. However, I will say what I would like to achieve or create or whatever.

I'm quite fond of comics, so you'll probably see more comic based content this year. In no way will I be making a series for the internet at this time because webcomics are a commitment that usually lead to heartbreak. I will put the occasional strip out and maybe I'll do a one shot story or two. So you'll probably get action, comedy, and action-comedy comics from me. I'm also thinking of doing reviews on other comics from manga to superheroes to everything else, so maybe tuned for that if I actually get around to it. I just love comics so maybe more of that.

I will try to make some actual animated movies this year. I'm no animator and don't intend to break into the industry, but look forward to me getting into the fray. Maybe I'll be bigger than Disney? Probably not. Will I be bigger than Egoraptor? Yes by default since he's certainly given up cartooning until Game Grumps stops lucrative. Please look forward to the cartoons if and when they come.

Catch more of me on Newgrounds BBS in 2020 until I get bored and go somewhere else. The guys on there are alright and I fit because I'm also alright. Sometimes I post things that are kind of funny, so catch me there for the occasional chuckle. Maybe I'll truly become notable member of that little community.

Sorry if this news post was boring or disappointing because my post amounts to "I'll maybe do this, but maybe not" but I'm covering my tracks here just in case someone uncovers something and calls me a liar. Until I build a big stable of people to collab with and lucrative art career, it's all a big maybe for now.


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