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Good to hear you don't have the nasty TB, Nice racoon bro

Such a cute raccoon! Congrats on the test results!

He seems to be seducing...

He's a lad having a pint. I wouldn't be surprised if he's looking for a mate.

Some day, I will have that pet raccoon....

Make sure it doesn't have rabies first.

Cute raccoon man!

And that's good to know. Groovy news. I read that as FB test btw, thought this was some social media thing... serious stuff.

Thanks. If I was being tested for Facebook, then I test negative. I have no Facebook account.

Even better. :D I'm ashamed to say I do but... at least I haven't logged on in... at least half a year now. It's basically just a list of contacts at this point, old friends I never speak to but don't really want to erase my only link to either...

Have you never had an FB account? Intentionally moved away?

I had a Facebook account, but have since deactivated it.

Any particular reason? For the cause (personal integrity and all)? Or personal reasons?

More for the cause. The more recent news reports made Facebook and Zuckerberg seem shadier and shadier.

Most definitely! Shady or not, I really don't like the monopoly position it's been getting either, how even corporations move large parts of their company content onto that platform. And polls. Comment systems. Contests. There's so much external content that's suddenly gathered under the same roof - it's hard to stay free.

Facebook is so bloated now that it's strange.
At the very least, I wouldn't say they are too big to fall considering there have been recent months where they actually lost more users than they gained. However, they own Instagram and WhatsApp, which are both big money makers, too.

Yeah, and they're their own ISP in certain countries, they launched their own crytocurrency the other day... they really have a lot going on. And the funding to keep going.

I feel like people are so dependent upon them right now that they'll keep going no matter how much bad publicity they get UNLESS a reliable alternative really pops up and takes over. Something new. Something with enough backing that it can actually compete. Both Microsoft and Google have tried but... I don't know. Somehow they don't seem like the right candidates. I'm hoping for something totally different, but with a similar ease of use. It's a bit depressing how some people move away from FB... only to go to Instragram instead. XD Same thing. Rebranding: it works.

Then there's Twitter, but they're not really the ideal alternative either...

I didn't know they were their own ISP in some regions and had a cryptocurrency. I knew they're huge,but now they're bigger than I thought. Maybe they will live on by purchasing other social media, but I can see the main Facebook site taking a big hit someday. Here's hoping FB doesn't scoop up Newgrounds.

Yeah that'd ne a nightmare. :) Hope somehow their imperium fades away with time...